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Pressed Shirts

Whiter whites. Brighter colors. These are what you get when you trust your dress shirts to A1 Dry Cleaners & Laundry. Your shirts will be perfectly washed, pressed, and ready to wearwhen you need them. Tell us how you like your shirts folded and we’ll make sure it happens.



Healthcare Items

A1 Dry Cleaners & Laundry has the utmost respect for the healthcare industry. As such, we are happy and honored to give your healthcare garments such as uniforms, scrubs, and lab coats the best cleaning care possible. Let us take care of you.



Linens & Tablecloths

At A1 Dry Cleaners, we gently wash your linens and tablecloths with the best care recommended by the type of material you bring in, then we hand press each one, fold them and return them ready for the next time you need them.



Wedding Gowns & Formal Wear

It all starts with a dress! We pay particular attention to the details, just as they do when they design your beautiful gowns. Each gown is hand inspected both before and after cleaning, hand finished, and then re-inspected, making sure that all buttons, hems, embellishments and trims are reinforced and looking their best. Whether its a night on the town or your big wedding day, A1 Dry Cleaners & Laundry has got you covered.



Suits, Pants & Skirts

Your wardrobe reflects who you are as a person. That’s why we’re proud to keep the contents of your closet clean. We dry clean suits, pants, skirts, and more. Let us make sure your favorite garments last for years.



Quilts, Draperies & Comforters

Keeping your quilts and comforters clean and comfortable is a big job. Well, we make it easy! We handle your bedding with the best care recommended, gently wash and fold them, then return them ready for your next great night of sleep. We also have experience reviving your draperies color, style, and folds while maintaining its exact length and hemlines.



Leather Cleaning

Because leather is an expensive investment, proper care is essential to maintaining leather products. We inspect your garments when they come in, treat any spots or stains, clean, refinish and repair any damage that was accessed. Your cleaned garment is then inspected again to ensure that our work is done with the highest quality possible.



Alterations & Repairs

Alterations are a big part in extending and maintaining your wardrobe. Our tailors can take care of all your alteration and repair needs. Think of all your clothes, you can save money in the long run by making old classics into new favorites that you can wear again and again. Having issues with your wardrobe? From buttons falling off, to stuck zippers, unraveling threads or ripped garments – we can also help you repair your favorite pieces of clothing.


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